All Raise This Barn — a group-assembled public building and/or sculpture

Should the barn be a shelter?

We’ve raised ARTBarn (East) & and ARTBarn (West). We hope you enjoyed it!

But the voting continues. Who knows? Perhaps there will be another barn-raising in the future! You may vote above, check results above or view the full results.

Check out slideshows of the two ARTBarn raisings below.

slideshow of All Raise This Barn (East)

slideshow of All Raise This Barn (West)

Each ARTBarn began life as a commercially-available barn-making kit. Please view the materials list below and concept drawing below, then dig into the detailed documentation we've compiled in the docs section.

the materials list

Materials List

ARTBarn will not look like this:


ARTBarn may look like this:
(click to edit this concept drawing online)